Tuesday, July 22, 2008

onto the next project...

Las Vegas GT is looming... so I'm doing a new army! It is going to be good getting back on the US GT circuit - I've been "absent" for 3 years, and I miss some old friends.
With 5th Edition out, and a few games under my belt I've tweaked the list a little.
Oh yeah... I'm building a Slaanesh CSM force.
There will be both mobile elements, as well as units that can anchor objectives. I'll also have some Chosen that can do the Flanking move that is proving to be quite a lot of fun. I'm going to use the FW dreadnought (Crazed rule be damned), and the FW Daemon Prince(ss).
First pictures in the next week or so - I'm heading on vacation so I may take some models with me to work on in the evenings!

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