Tuesday, August 5, 2008

reality... bites...

Well after a great week resting, playing with the kids and drinking wine (lots of wine!), I achieved the lofty production run of 6 models.. assembled!

Looks like the Slaanesh army will not be going to Las Vegas after all - I'll have to dig out my old Tzeentch army, or Space Wolves. I may go with the Wolves - use the Exterminator for one last hurrah!

The local event I was also going to use the Slaanesh army at has also thrown a wrench into the works. The organizers have increased the points cap to 2000. Whilst I don't mind playing at 2000 points, and the addition of a Land Raider will fill the gap nicely, I'm not sure that this was a good idea.
  • The Vancouver area really does not have that many players (who come out to tournaments currently) that can support an army of that size.
  • Those that do come out for the "normal" 1700pt events do not have the troop numbers that 5e seems to demand we have as players.
  • If the tourney organizers are hoping for "travellers" they may be disappointed. The US players (on the west coast there is a large 2000 pt club tourney that I'm attending in a few weeks) seem reticent to travel to events these days - be it the cost of fuel (car or plane) or the crappy (for them!) dollar exchange rate. Canadian players (notably Ontario) rarely come out to Vancouver for events - again flights are just too expensive. The occurance of the Edmonton Onslaught the weekend before, and Calgary's OtoCon 3 the same weekend as West Coast Mayhem will also not help matters!
Well, back to assembly - hopefully tonight I can get another 6 man squad and Rhino put together...

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