Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Road to AdeptiCon 2015 - Part 1(b) - Bases

As I posted on Monday I successfully survived AdeptiCon... well the registration portion - which is no mean feat unto itself!
Now, with a mere 113 days until the event (112 until I fly), it is time to get on with the project.

A couple of years ago a group of us were going to play in the team event. It was the first year after the Forgeworld Heresy books had been announced, so we decided to go with a 40k 30K-Heresy theme.
Unfortunately one of the team fell ill quite early on in the process, so it was dropped.

I still have all the models, so for 2015 I'll be completing the army. And by completing I mean starting!

For the event one of the guys sculpted and cast vast quantities of Istvaan themed bases for us.

So today's update is base prep.

Stage one - wash! I use Simple Green (which is a good degreaser). I can't stress this enough - wash your models. This is especially true for resin models which have a demolding compound on them from casting. It also applies to metal models which often have a powder releasing agent, as well as plastic sprues which may have oil from the steel/aluminium dies.

The number of times that I read about bad primer reactions, or paints flaking off later on is astonishing. This simple step can dramatically help reduce the fail rate of primer/paint adhesion.

The other one is using the right (and an actual) primer. But that is for next time!

Monday, November 24, 2014

AdeptiCon 2015

So today was "that" day, THE day for North American Gamers... AdeptiCon Registration
(queue mood drums).

Yep, at 6pm PST, me and about 1000 (literally) other gamers logged on to the new (and vastly improved) webcart and attempted to register for our desired events.

After 20 minutes of "ogodthisissoslowdon'tyoudaretimeoutonmewherethefuckaremyclassesandwhyismyzonemortaliseventsoldoutwhenIhadaspot"
I was registered. Phew!

Now begins the countdown - only 114 days until AdeptiCon 2015 and I have an army to build and paint.

I'll be sharing.