Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Staying Organized

Like many of you I get distracted... ::squirrel::

Forgeworld comes out with a new model (shiney!), or a new codex is published and the obligatory new stuff that comes along with it catches your attention.

This is probably why I have 15 armies for 40k that exceed 2000 points - painted...

So when it comes to the "crunch" how can we keep on top of the priority projects and keep the "squirrels" out of sight?

Recently a few of us have taken to using KanbanFlow tables. These work on the principles of Lean management. Fundamentally they are a visualization tool of your work; allowing to keep track of progress, and in the case of the paid version track efficiency.
I, of course, use the free tool.

This is my current chart. The "abandoned projects" column was a recent addition... bloody Space Wolves Codex.

I colour code by army, or in the case Yellow, generic hobby stuff.

This tool has been very useful to me, especially for the recent Deathwatch project. It is also nice to see your units "march" across the columns!

Off to wash the latest purchase... Mr S.Loth!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Deathwatch Marines

I've had this project on my table for about 3 years. In that time two versions of 40k have been born, and two Space Marine Codexes have also popped up. Sadly the Inquisitional codexes have gotten crappier, with less "canon" being followed, and more game play emphasis creeping in.

Also in that time, my club-mate Nick has built and played with his Deathwatch army quite a few times!

Well now it is my turn...

With the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge just a few weeks away (literally), A-Club Overachievers will be representing again. We'll talk more about our theme after the tourney, but I'm anticipating a fun team event in Portland.

My idea is to go with a Iron Hands themed list, that is fast and hard hitting.
In the Deathwatch, Marines are recruited from many chapters, and are lead by a Captain. That Captain's background often dictates the tactics the squads employ (DW Marines are usually deployed in small highly specialized units, but for the tourney these guys are responding en masse to a larger threat). As you can tell from the pictures I have used shoulder pads from just about every (loyalist!) chapter that FW and GW has produced them for. I have also used a couple of 3rd-party pads to represent chapters I have an affinity with.

(please forgive the poor photo quality. With my lens in the mail to Canon I had to resort to my iPhone which lacks the depth of field capacity, and was attached to my slightly shaky hands!)

My commander; converted from a FW Praetor, the Command backpack, the Storm-shield from the Games Day Boarding Marine a few years ago, and a terminator fist to attach the shield to the chopped (oh, it hurt cutting that gun off!) arm.

Troops are basic marine squads, led by Iron Hands sergeants.

I'm using Sternguard Vets in Drop pods, with Heavy Flamers and plenty of combi-weapons!

Heavy support comes from the Thunderfire Cannon, which I have learned to love in game play almost as much as I hated putting the horrible thing together!
There are also two Deathstorm drop pods (which were actually the inspiration for the army).

Fast Attack comes from Stormtalons and a Land Speeder.

As you can tell, I have gone with a resin base, using the fantastic Wastelands ranges from Dragon Forge Design. The Stormtalons are mounted on a flying kit (mount under the flyer and rod), and DFD will drill out the base to take the plexiglass rod.

As OFCC is a team event, with theme encouraged, we have done special objective markers....
... but you'll have to wait until after the event!

Hope you enjoy the images. Feel free to drop comments and ask questions.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Damn it!

Well, I was hoping to have pictures for you...

Sadly my Canon lens with macro ability has died, and it is on its way to Mississauga for repairs.

I'll attempt to take some interim shots with my iPhone tomorrow.
Like they'll be the same as a 7D.