Saturday, July 7, 2007

Terrain Project - Part 3

The table is nearing completion! Yeah, I know, no pictures to prove it.. well I've been keeping the progress "secret"; I will be updating the previous posts with "in progress" pictures later this week.

So this is the getting towards the complete build:

ust about 20 trench pieces to glue in!

This is how I left the table before we headed to Whistler:

We had a great 4 day trip to Whistler this past week. The kids loved the village, and the ride up Whistler Mountain on the gondola was a treat for them. Getting to see 3 Black Bears was the prefect "bonus"!

Saturday and Sunday I spent a lot of time on the table. The painting is complete, just need to finish the [small amount] of flocking, the trees (using the new GW plastic ones - god awfull...), and the defensive turret.
I think the Astro' organizers have set the scenario, so I hope to be able to post that on the weekend, along with "in action" pictures.
I'll also be doing a Astro' Batrep ala the GT one.