Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Mutants & Scum" Part 7

Yep, 2 updates in one day! Don't get too used to it...
The Ogryns are done.

"Mutants & Scum" Part 6

So the saga continues on! The Ogryns are nearing completion - I'm suprised about the amount of work they are taking! Yesterday I took the time to give them 4 coats of GW's 'Ard Coat. This should help protect the paint on metal models.

I have completed the Command HQ - all 5 models and 60 pts of kick-ass guardsmen!
(bases will be done for the whole army in one go)

The Ratlings are now wip...

Last night was a sad day for Vancouver gamers... we said goodbye to Checkpoint Charlie's in North Vancouver. Checkpoint has been North Van's "home" for all things gaming for almost 8 years. I have a very close association with the store; when I started as an Outrider with GW I spent many weekends there running demos, painting clinics and later Rogue Trader and Hall of Heroes tournaments.

We did see the place out in style though - a ~32,000pt Apocalypse game that played out until 0130h!
Fittingly this ended in a tie.

I'd like to thank Drew Arnott for opening the store, supporting Vancouver gamers both in the store and through vast amounts of sponsorship at local events, and to wish him the best of luck in finding a new location in the very near future.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lord of the Rings...

... I love this game! So under-rated and so under-played. We are hoping to get a bit of a revival going in the late summer; turns out that a bunch of locals have armies. I have about 300 pts of Rohan and about 1900 (that is about 160 Uruk-hai!) of Isengard.
This troll was done for a Warpstone painting contest. It was doing quite well until a GW regular with a nice Sauron showed... As he is hanging with Uruks I figured I make him one too - a BIG one!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Mutants & Scum" Part 5

Finally I have gotton on with the project that this blog was started for. I'm off work for [most of] the week - huzzah! So, whilst I've been doing fix-up jobs around the house I've also been painting and building. The Ogryns are near completion (I hope to have pictures tomorrow for you), and the Ogryn's Chimera is built.

I've also completed the Chimera's the "scum" will use; I figured they will be given/take the crapiest piece of rejected junk in the yard!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I'm VERY fortunate to have a 12' x 12' room dedicated to my hobby, quite a lot of space; somehow I managed to fill it up anyway! A local gamer posted his work "space" recently. Now don't get me wrong - this guy produces some fine product - but man is he chaotic!

I've just had my semi-annual clean up - so this state will last about 3 weeks!

My lighting source is quite good, ~1Kw of 96% daylight bulbs. No shadows! Only down side is my blending often gets lost in "lesser" lighting situations (ie everywhere).

I also have lots of "resource" space:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Mutants & Scum" Part 8

Whilst my weekend in Halifax was a blast (well the conference was dull [work], but the hotel was fun; we were in the same one as Team Canada so I got to chat with Shane Doan, Danny Heatley, said "hi" to Stevie-Y, Pat Burns, Eric Staal and Ken Hitchcock...) it was not conducive to getting my army finished.
I was hoping to have them completed by this weekend so I could get a practice run in at The Showroom's HoH event on Saturday. Oh well, guess I'll just take the army "cold" to the GT! Wouldn't be the first time...

The Ratlings are done.

Ugly little buggers! I kept the Green Jackets consistent as an homage to Sharpe's Rifles.

So the "Mutants" are done... just the "scum" to complete!

completing the Horde...

So that brings my Tyranids to an end... just finished up the last 2 carnifexes, 5 bases of rippers, 10 genestealers and 37 hormagaunts. I have about 8000 pts ("Apocalyzed") of tyranids. The only ones I'd consider putting in now would be characters; The Red Terror, Old One Eye (which I would build from plastic) and some Hive Tyrants. Yep, currently my army is tyrant-less! Synapse is provided by the 21 Warriors.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

you can thank Trent...

Trent sent me an e-mail today. In it he "encouraged" me to update my blog.... ::sigh:: sure Trent, anything for you!

Well, work has been busy (fiscal year end), the kids have been sick, and I have this nasty ra.... oh, you want to see models?

Not much been produced recently. I've been getting my Tyranids completed - I now have ~8000 pts for Apocalypse gaming - including 8 Carnifexes and the Trygon... yes, I dipped the FW Trygon!