Wednesday, March 5, 2008


wow... 3 weeks... man am I a slacker Embarassed.
Well not really... I have 2 kids and a job... and then there was the distraction of Warmachine...

A local gamer decided that he did not need two Warmachine armies, so he put one up for sale. Well, I have been resisting Warmachine since the day it came out (for one I found the 'jacks goofy to start with - they are much cooler now!), but this deal was to good to refuse - $140 for ~$400 of models. Sweet!

Here are my observations so far (on the models):
1) on the whole they look great, but man are they a bitch to put together! Not difficult, but just plain nasty. Large gaps and misaligned parts. After 20+ years of GW models I realize now that they ARE the best figures on the market!
2) I need more Green Stuff!
3) Why the f**k don't Warmachine players paint their models? At my local store not ONE Warmachine player I've seen has a completly painted army. WFT? They are just begging to be painted! Maybe that is me as a painter before a gamer talking.

BTW - I bought Khador...