Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Staying Organized

Like many of you I get distracted... ::squirrel::

Forgeworld comes out with a new model (shiney!), or a new codex is published and the obligatory new stuff that comes along with it catches your attention.

This is probably why I have 15 armies for 40k that exceed 2000 points - painted...

So when it comes to the "crunch" how can we keep on top of the priority projects and keep the "squirrels" out of sight?

Recently a few of us have taken to using KanbanFlow tables. These work on the principles of Lean management. Fundamentally they are a visualization tool of your work; allowing to keep track of progress, and in the case of the paid version track efficiency.
I, of course, use the free tool.

This is my current chart. The "abandoned projects" column was a recent addition... bloody Space Wolves Codex.

I colour code by army, or in the case Yellow, generic hobby stuff.

This tool has been very useful to me, especially for the recent Deathwatch project. It is also nice to see your units "march" across the columns!

Off to wash the latest purchase... Mr S.Loth!