Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weathering in Style - Pt2

After the night drying, it was time to put the base colours down. This is where I give a little something of my idea away.
My long time intent was to build an ork army that were obsessed with Iron Warriors; this is essentially the test model. Best part is, if I don't like it, it'll be fine; its metallic, and its orks!

First layer was Vallejo Model Air Gun Metal, followed by VMA Steel on higher points. It did this as the washes I'll be applying later will darken it up quite a bit.

I've had a few questions about airbrushing; the usual "how much do you dilute your paints?", "which brand of paint?", and "what pressure do you use?"
There really is only one answer to these questions; "yes" :).

Jokes aside, airbrushing is a very personal technique. This is what works for me:
  • Harder & Steenbeck Infinity
  • 0.15mm needle (for pretty much everything...)
  • 10-12 psi, though I'll go up to 15-20 for metallics 
  • dilute paints with 8% isopropyl alcohol
  • paints used are Badger Minitaire, Vallejo Model Colour, Vallejo Model Air, P3, FW Airbrush paints, Scale75... and I guess we can now add Secret Weapon Miniatures!
The end result is... metallic. (I also did the obligatory hazard stripes)

then the work started...
Using light scratches to open up the paint, I applied water, and started rubbing with cotton buds.
At this point I'm always the least happy with the model; the base coat is too bright, and the scratches are too cartoonish. The next part will remedy that.

I had one issue with this stage. For whatever reason, some of the SWM acrylics I put down on the primer came up. I may not have allowed enough time for the Gun Metal to dry fully before starting the removal. 
Nice thing is, I can go in and stipple some more paint on later!
If I get to that stage today, I'll post an update.

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