Wednesday, March 24, 2010

AdeptiCon 2010

so coming down to the last stretch with painting (I fly at 8:30am tomorrow).
Here is a teaser of my AdeptiCon Team army:


  1. Meet you thursday night doc:) I will be staying at the marriot where the event is being held.

  2. Is Brown the new cool color?

    Good luck! You're going to need it with all the crazy stuff Americans do.

  3. Very cool. I love the Dave Taylor style stars. The red is nice as well, not too overstated and with enough character that the mini isn't lost in a sea of bright color.

  4. Thanks guys - I got the ultimate complement on Saturday - someone looked at my army (not knowing I was behind them) and said "Look, Dave Taylor's bought his Blood Pact"
    Well, Dave's are FAR superior to mine (I've not finished yet), but I have, with Dave's help, been trying to remain faithful to his color scheme.

  5. What a compliment! Your painting is well done and carries on in Dave's tradition, while adding your own clever bits, like the chaos star behind the lascannons on the vendetta and the hydra platform. How did saturday go?

  6. How'd you do? I saw you in a picture on someone's webpage I think. I know you skipped Gladiator, but there seems to be enough bitching to go around from YTTH and others.

    Cool stuff and a Canadian won best of show in the painting competition which is good for the true North strong and free and all that.

  7. You and Nik haven't been keeping us up to date, I was counting on you two to help fight off the invading hordes and preserve some pride and help defend home court at Astronomi-con Vancouver.

    I'm only one man, I can only win one trophy. :-D

  8. We'll both be there (check the reg' list).
    Busy time since getting back - hope to post soon - I can't do it from work like I used to at UBC!!