Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not dead....

... well a little!

It has been a crazy summer so far. For one it has been too hot to paint most days, and work has been full of "surprises"!

Sadly I had to skip out of Astronomi-Con this past weekend, but my club mates and buddies did a great job without me there (;p). Nick took Best Overall, and Les took Best Sportsman - congrats guys.
Of course Nick has a coveted "Golden Ticket" now...

One good thing came out of my flying visit to the event; I was inspired and I actually put paint to plastic on Saturday evening! Yes, I've started on the last 500pts of my Blood Pact army - for next year's Astro'.
I may find a tourney sooner to attend - GottaCon in Victoria is back on for 2011, plus there is the Seattle ConQuest GT is in January...

My basement is calling.


  1. You were missed. Not a lot, but maybe a tiny little bit. ;-) I agree with what you said just before you left. That game was a bit surreal.

    We gotta try harder to derail Marshall next year, but I don't think I could do it in a single year, it'll take me longer than 9 months to do an entirely new army to a reasonably high standard. I may end up entering CSM again as I want to get my terrain entry finished for next year. That is priority number one.

    See you next year, or maybe at GottaCon or even Seattle. I haven't gone to an out of town tournament in years...

  2. Wish I could have talked to you a little more Doc. It was good to see you, even if in passing.