Thursday, October 23, 2008

Warpstone Painting Contest at WCM

I really got into this hobby as a painting hobby - the tournaments did not happen for over 10 years into the GW side of the hobby (and ~20 years after I started painting plastic tanks and planes). The reason I've been "quiet" on the blog recently (other than Vegas draining me, my parents visiting, my 40th birthday...) was getting models ready for the Warpstone. The Warpstone painting contest is GW Canada's "mini" Golden Daemon; born from an Edmonton store's idea of their own painting contest it has grown to a high quality event that happens at all the big GW sanctioned events, and more recently at independent events. This year I worked on two pieces.

For the Warhammer Open -

This model has been sitting on my desk for 8 years waiting to be painted! I did a fair bit of work on the metallics - I'm a huge fan of Jakob Rune Nielsen's work.

Happily for me this ended up winning the category!

For the 40K Single I entered another Forge World model (this one a lot newer!).

Sadly he did not place (the winner was a Bryce Jensen Farseer model - absolutely beautiful - look for it on the GW Canada site soon!), but I had lots of fun painting him. I used the new GW Washes extensively - after initially resisting I found them wonderful for this kind of work.

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