Saturday, October 25, 2008

Doing the right thing...

... so who just felt guilty?!

I'm actually talking about recycling; we do it at home, we do it at work, we do it in our schools - it is just something that we do now. However, our modeling hobby seems to be "behind the times" when it comes to recycling. Let's face it - we use a lot of petroleum product - the plastic to the make the models, the wrapping on the box, the shipping. Sure we can recycle the cardboard boxes, and GW got rid of those god-awful Styrofoam shells they used to have; but what about the plastic itself?
After you have built your shiny new Rhino, your units of Empire Halberdiers or those lovely Romans you end up with a "square" of plastic - the sprue!
I bet most of you have thrown them away? Guilty... But for the past two years I have been saving mine. Saving them for the day when some bright spark would come along and say "hey I can reuse these - let's keep them out of the landfill!" I know they can be recycled; I've been told so, I've seen GW do it with their "test" runs and now I have proof irrefutable - a new program.

Those wonderful lads (and lasses) at Wargames Factory have a recycling program! The coolest part about this program is that not only do you get to do the right thing, you also get entered in a draw to win MORE stuff! So get your club together and recycle those old sprues, and try to stop me winning more stuff - I'm sending in 50 sprues per week for the next 6 weeks. Please!

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