Sunday, November 19, 2017

Getting Back on the Wagon....

... no not the Ork Battle Wagon!

Captain Consistent I am not. Yet again it's been far too long since I blogged, and frankly since I hobbied.

This time I have a defense; 14 months ago I headed back to school to retrain. Those of you that know me personally know that I'd been in academia, either as a researcher or an administrator for about 20 years. Once that came to an end I chose to go back to school.

I retrained as a Gas Turbine technician, and last summer graduated near the top of my class. In October I was fortunate enough to get hired into a company expanding from Montreal into Vancouver (I'm in Montreal training as I write this). Now with some stability and a pay check I'm back at the hobby!

Friday was the traditional (not for liking, just traditional!) panic registration for AdeptiCon, to secure the events you want, and the registration level you desire.
This year was no different from past ones; server crashes, huge lags, and items getting dropped from your cart before you had chance to pay for them!

Drama aside.... I got the Horus Heresy events I wanted! The singles tournament, a Zone Mortalis event, and the HH Grudge Match on the final day. I'm REALLY happy to be going back to AdeptiCon after missing it in 2017.

It's going to be awesome!

The next day my plan initiated; I had a Forgeworld "wish list" sitting there, goading me... I pulled the trigger and ordered an entire Horus Heresy Blood Angels army - 2500pts. Thank goodness I've been paid extra while training away from home...

So, hopefully in about 2 weeks I'll have an "army" to share with you.
Well, a large stack of resin in boxes...

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