Thursday, June 25, 2015

Throwback Thursday... coz all the kids are doing it!

Well, yes they are, but I'm taking pictures of all my armies... all week long... for many weeks!

These are from my first 40k army. Bought from the Third Edition box set, which I bought on advance order from GW Canada, back in later 1998...
Ultimately they were my first tournament army, playing them at the Seattle GT in 1999.

I've has a long time affinity with the Marines Errant, always thinking of them as a "knightly" Chapter with parallels to Arthurian legend.

In the first picture is a RT era Chaplain... yep it is old, and it is original - I still have the blister with the rest of them in (at one time GW sold them in packs of THREE!). The Command Squad uses old Dark Angel Veteran cloaked models - again metal.

The Chapter Icons are hand painted... all of them...

The pictures were taken on a photo-backdrop from Hangar 18; I obviously chose one to contrast. These are fantastic vinyl printed sheets, which come in a variety of colours, and are very tolerant to handling. You can find them here; they are an excellent investment.

The bases are quite dated (not just in size) so they are going to be upgraded shorty across the whole army.
I'm using the Dragon Forge Design Ancient Ruins II bases that I got in their recent Kickstarter campaign.


  1. Goblin Green never goes out of style!

    (I recently got to use GG again for real, on my Blood Bowl team :))

    1. Its the only green I've used for base!
      But black is the new green....

  2. I love these guys. Really well rendered.