Sunday, March 15, 2015

Road to AdeptiCon 2015 - Part 4 - Marines

World Eaters Paint Scheme

I was wanting to keep this simple, ala the Forgeworld scheme.

Primer - Krylon White:

First wash with Vallejo Grey Wash:

Zenithal airbrush to smooth out the wash - Vallejo Model Air White:
(no picture).

FW Wash "recipe":


Three coats of Vallejo Model Air White, at about a 45 degree angle:

GW Boltgun metal:

Flat back wash:

Backpack added:

Shoulder pads:



Final Squad picture:

I've not had enough time to do full weathering on the units, but I will be adding chipping to everything, and some significant paint damage to the vehicles.

The army has been a absolute blast to paint; less than 3 months from start to finish (nothing like having a hard deadline). I learned a lot about both modelling with resin, which surprised me considering how many years I've been doing it, and how to airbrush. Airbrushing is now my new "hobby" passion - it is such a powerful tool to have in your kit.
I'll be adding to the HH force with units from other Legions, aiming to use signature units such as a Breacher Squad in Sons of Horus colours, and heavy weapons as Iron Warriors. The World Eaters will get a Contemptor Dreadnought at some point, only because there is a cool one in the first HH book, and I have a slot for one in my Battle Foam tray..

More pictures to follow, some shots from AdeptiCon I'm sure.
If you are there, come by the Friendly on Friday - that's where this army will be playing!

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