Friday, January 2, 2009

Road to AdeptiCon - Part 1

As I've mentioned before I am attending (tickets paid for, flight purchased) AdeptiCon 2009 in Chicago this April. This is my first time there; whist I've been on the "GT" circuit for 10 seasons now, I've generally stuck with the GW run events. As more and more events are put on as "indys" (with GW support) I'm getting more confident that the caliber will be high. Highest of them all is AdeptiCon. Run by the Adeptus Windy City crew it has grown into an event of monstrous proportions - with THREE full days of tournament gaming, in three systems, including individual and team events. This time, as it is my first, I've signed up for Friday's Gladiator, Saturday's Team, and Sunday's Individual events. The Geeks (Trent, Rob, Eric and myself) will be teaming up with our "hybrid" composition of three Ordo's of the Inquisition vs. a 4-god Daemon army.

In the immortal words of the Joker... "So here we ... go"

I'm building the following:
1x Inquisitor Bolt Pistol (x1); Force Weapon (x1)
10x Adeptus Arbites
2x Rhino (Storm Bolter; Dozer Blade; Extra Armor; Searchlight; Smoke Launchers)
4x Penitent Engines
14x Sisters Repentia
1x Repentia Mistress
1x Priest with Eviscerator
6x Arco-Flagellants
10x Battle Sisters
1x Rhino
1x Palatine
4x Celestians
1x Immolator

Penitent Engines


Arbites and Inquisitor

Arco Flagellents and Sisters Repentia

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