Thursday, December 11, 2008

GW plastic Drop Pods - tips when assembling

I'm on my 6th drop pod now... and I think I've finally worked out the best way to put the cool little blighters together! The GW instructions on paper are, as usual, quite vague (I really do think that they should have a "novice" do a test run before they write those instructions!). The GW-US on-line guide is pretty good, but I found it is missing a couple of pointers:
  • a lot of people have commented that their doors don't close all the way up. On the outer door panel piece, at the bottom (near the hinge) there is a rather heavy mold line. Scrape this off before assembly (or use a needle file after!) and the door will close perfectly (assuming you don't have the wings in the way...).
  • when assembling the restraint blocks there is one you need to pay particular attention to. On the frame with the pod's base on it you'll find the "Sergeant's restraint block" (Part No 4). The harnesses that are on the sprue with that block ONLY fit on that block (one of them has a skull on it). Make sure you get them the right way round...
  • in the on-line instructions, Stage 15, it states "... When you are happy with the position, glue it into place.". I think this is too vague! If you want the gun pivot to, well pivot, only apply glue to the end of the post, and the hole it will nest in.
Hope those help; I'll keep on updating this post as I find more problems.
If you have any more issues you have found, leave a comment, and I may add it to the main body of the post.

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