Monday, January 28, 2008

Tournament Play

Those of you who know me, or know of me, know that I play in tournaments; a LOT of tournaments! Whilst I enjoy playing friendly games (we play Apocalypse almost every Friday night now), tournaments have always been the "thing" for me when it comes to gaming. Why, you may ask?

I like the structure.

Simple, huh?

Fixed time allocations, balanced terrain (set by the organizer), composition scoring systems, recognition for effort in painting and the un-written rule that you do not come to be an arse, as this will not go over well with players 2 thru 4, after they hear how you pissed off player #1!

Ok, so I tend to do rather well at tournaments – I admit it! I get high scores in painting (well, I *can* paint!), I like building balanced composition friendly armies (I’m not a WAAC type) and I’m 99% of the time fun to play against – I don’t argue, cheat or lie, and I own up to my FUBARs. Once in a while (not too often!) I'll win a game or 2 at an event!

Well my tournament run is coming to an end. The Canadian Hall of Heroes season has just 4 more weeks left in this season, Sure, I’ll be gaming every weekend until then, but after that I’m focussing on just a few events. Family is growing and I need to spend time with them. Don’t be worried – I will turn up once in a while to scare the crap out of the local kids who may have heard of me!

Expect to see me at the Canadian GT in May, Astronomi-Con Vancouver in July, and the OFCC in August, and West Coast Mayhem in October.

(Originally posted Jan 28 2008)

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