Monday, January 28, 2008

"Mutants & Scum" Part 3

Finally, some pictures!
These are my Last Chancers... still wip (obviously!)...

Col Schaeffer and Lt Kage... badass the two of them!

2 Flamers

Heavy weapons

2 meltaguns

2 democharge
psychopaths (alt models for "post chuck" are also done)!

plasma (2 more to come) plus 2 "boring dudes"

a couple of close combat specialists

and my 2 psykers

the guy kneeling is pointing with both hands (one is bigger than the other I know, but he is a mutant!); I'm hoping to model some "plasma" between the fingers. The second one will probably get an arm and hand swap so both hands are cradling his head.

still to come; snipers and plasmagun dudes.


(Originally posted Jan 28 20008)

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