Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Mutants & Scum" Part 2

OK, not quite the update I was hoping for... 2 kids under 5yrs keep you busy!
I was going to show you the figs that are done, but last night I was having too much fun actually DOING the conversions to get photographs done!

Kage is done (bar the bolt pistol), as is Col Schaeffer. I’m using plastics from the Catachan, Cadian, Chaos Marauder, and Space Marine ranges, as well as some resin FW Elysian, Cadian and Krieg parts. Trying to avoid using metal figs for the Last Chancers. The Ogryns will be the new metal models – they are freakishly HUGE! I was going to convert FB Ogres, but that was turning into too much hard work… oh, and the Ratlings will be metal at this stage – I have no good ideas for making plastic conversions (feel free to share if you have any).

After a discussion on the excellent Guard group on yahoogroups, my old friend Don “Mondo” Morris has convinced me that sniper LCs may not be the best use of points. I’ve done a little tweaking of the army list, which I will update later.

I will try to post a “real” update on Sunday. I have a 7 game Combat Patrol tournament all day Saturday.

(Originally posted Jan 24 2008)

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