Monday, January 25, 2010

Trygon and Mawloc

so back to the fun stuff...

These took about 2 hours to paint, I'll base them later when I have a few more tyranid models to do. I'm liking the look of the Codex so far, and look forward to trying out new combo's.
I'm sure I'll be one of about 50 Tyranid players at AdeptiCon!


  1. At first I was like DAMN thats amazing for 2 hours then I realized you dipped them:) They still look awsome though. How goes your traitor gaurd?

  2. slow - but at the top of the priority list now.

  3. Amazing as always! This is almost enough to make me crack the mini case back open.. almost!

    I am glad that painting and sportsmanship are still being championed by you!

  4. ***** That orange is sweet sauce! Really nice Doc. I'm planning on doing desert yellow skin with a blue similar to the one you used (though not teal) for the armor plates. They both look great.

  5. BTW Ineed your list and fluff for your army emailed to my private so I can make the books for the GT.

  6. Looks nice mate! Would you mind if id ask what dip and colors you used. im stil deciding what i want to do with my tyranids army (that im starting) and im looking for ideas ;-) thanks!