Monday, January 25, 2010

Justice is Served...


  1. As much as I wanted to see justice served, now it means we'll have a chance of seeing him in Vancouver in July. I thought our only saving grace for our event was that he wouldn't drive up here to compete since he already had his Vegas invitation. Now I'm going to have to babysit a grown man all weekend long aren't I?!

  2. We'll see. Hopefully "common sense" will kick in, and he will realize that he is now a "marked man".

  3. Doubt it. Last I heard the guy who one the 'Ard Boyz last year with the Bloodcrushers on 40mm bases still hadn't gotten it.

  4. You're not talking Astro now, but the other mystery Vancouver event which I assume is a sort of official GW event now, right?

    Anyway I'll take one for the team. I still can't believe no one marked him down. I have no problems calling a spade a spade. Once in Ottawa someone got mad in a Silent Death tournament as a guy won because he got to play me and I didn't put up a hard enough fight or something, was his excuse for losing overall. I'm a funny player in that I can win, I just usually don't, call it bad luck, call it being out of practice, call it just not caring enough to be a prick. But yeah I wouldn't have let that shit fly.

    Who he draws early could really cramp his style now that his reputation has grown.

    He played Eldar which didn't surprise me, but he's Chinese too... Yeah let me at him, I'll pulverize him, plus I'm not above tailoring my army for one opponent, just because I usually don't, doesn't mean I couldn't.

    Let him eat autocannons and heavy bolters...

    As far as judging goes. Lets just say I know my share of GW staff too.

    Vancouver will hopefully still be fun and enjoyable for those of us who just play for fun.

  5. Muskie - the Vancouver "Conquest" event is listed on the GW site (and has been from day one), and yes, this is the one I've been invited to be Head Judge for.

    Whilst the payer *was* running Eldar, it was his opponent that was oriental - please keep the racial aspersions off this blog.

  6. thanks for keeping the racial aspersions down Doc, I guess muskie can't help being a redneck hick... :p

  7. Well if I draw against him I'll be watching him with beady scouse shifty eyes... lemme at 'im Doc, I'll 'ave his wallet before you can say Brookside! lol