Saturday, September 5, 2009

New (school) Year's resolution

As the more observant among you may have noticed, I've not been posting much recently!

The new job, whilst fantastic (and fantastically well paid) is all consuming when it comes to my time. Hence the lack of project completion, actually the lack of project starts...

So a Resolution:

"I, Jason Dyer, of relatively sound body, and completely lacking in a mind, do hereby promise (::cough cough::) that I will complete the following projects, in order, before starting on anything new":

- Tyranids - Old One Eye Scratch build, Forgeworld Malanthrope (dipping to match the rest of my 7000 pts of 'nids)
- Grey Knights - ~4000 pts of GKs and GKTs (quick painting method and dipping!)
- 17 Assassins - 6x Callidus, 6x Vindicare, 5x Eversor
- War of the Ring - complete basing my Uruk-hai, 2 Trolls, 2 trays of scouts, characters, captains and 12 Warg Riders.
- Space Hulk - paint and convert Terminators to match my Deathwatch Space Marine Army, paint genestealers to match my horde.
- 12 regular genestealers

Wish me luck, and watch me burn!


  1. Was this the job you told me about at my last hobby sale?
    Booyah! You paint that shit paint it good!

    Ah hahaha.... too enthusiastic?

  2. yep, just trying to keep on top of stuff... not a bloody chance!