Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bloody hell, he's been painting!

Obviously having a "resolution" is quite motivating!

The Malanthrope:
Old One Eye:


  1. That Malanthrope is giving me the willies. It's almost as creepy as the old, old metal Tyrant with the sword.

  2. It's the way it points at you isn't it?
    I should also get a shot of the vagina-type hole on the underside... just weird!

  3. I'm....not entirely sure I -want- to see that. ;)

  4. Yeah, but now you know it is there!
    And you can never take that away - hahahaha...

  5. I must ask, what is the painting recipe for those nids. I am guessing it's something like Blazing orange, Hawk Turqoise, tentacle pink and desert yellow skin...but I would love a confirmation. Defenitly loving this scheme enough to replicate it!

    Do you use woodstain as a dip? If so is it brushed on or are you dunking Carns :D

    If this was covered in another post I apologize, but I would love to get more information on this. Thanks!!

  6. I love the Malanthrope figure and you did it justice, Jason!

    Sorry I didn't have more time than to say hello to you at Adepticon! If you're there next year we should see if we can find time to meet up and get a game in outside of the tournaments.