Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Road to AdeptiCon - Part 8

Stuck at home feeling under the weather today, so taking the chance to get some painting done...
Previously I have finished the Immolator...

and the Rhino for my Sisters


  1. I'm starting a new Sisters of Battle army with a similar, okay identical, color scheme. I was wondering how you got the bone colored Rhino and Immolator to looks so good.

  2. Any chance you could tell me how you got your tanks to look so good in bone? That is near miraculous.

  3. Hey Chuck - sorry for the delay (been out of the hobby for a few weeks...).
    I was lucky enough to have horded some of the old GW Bleached Bone spray. It has all gone now... though I'm hoping the Army Painter Spray looks th esame, as I have about 8 more vehicles that need doing.
    The Red was just layered, mainly Vallejo reds..

  4. Thanks! Tell me how the Army Painter works out. I'm using their white primer right now and love it. My base for bone is Codex Grey/ Cold Grey instead of brown, but otherwise very similar. I have been avoiding painting tanks for a while now...