Thursday, March 19, 2009

Road to AdeptiCon - Part 5

a change of plans....
[look, Eric just pooped himself!]

So whilst painting is coming along nicely (I'm just taking a break from 2 hours of painting red on Sisters Repentia), I feel that my initial goal for AdeptiCon was unrealistic. I was planning on using the Sisters army for both the Team and the Individual events, and building a "Deathwatch" army for the Gladiator (and oh, what a sweet army it would have been...). The Marines just ain't gonna happen!

So I'll be adding some units to the Sisters army to bring it up to speed (about 3rd gear...) for the Gladiator event.

The Marines will have to sit and wait until June - Astronomi-Con Vancouver. Even with their new composition scoring system I think I can still pull out an 18/20 with a bloody mean list.

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