Thursday, June 5, 2008

Terrain Project - table for Astronomi-con Vancouver

So far this blog has focused on model painting. Let's be fair, that is what I enjoy most about the hobby; creating cool figures to take to high level tournaments and having fun with them.

Now, if I had the time, and the space, I'd probably spend a whole lot more effort (and money!) on terrain building. Frankly my motivation for terrain building is limited. Whilst I do like it (and I am pretty good at it) I've been spoiled by the local community. Checkpoint Charlie's had a great selection of terrain, both built by the guys who played there, and bought from local "professional" builder. These days I have the pleasure of playing at The Showroom, where Thor has produced some of the best terrain in the country.

Astronomi-con is coming to Vancouver in a few weeks. Part of their "show" is for locals to bring a table to the event. Not only is this cool, it also saves the organizers from shipping terrain all over the country!
Even better - they award a prize for the Best Table.

I've been in discussion with the Astro' organizers and we have agreed on a table. I'm not going to reveal the details now, but I'll take teaser shots as it comes together. More to come tomorrow (when I get started on the basics).

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