Sunday, June 22, 2008

Terrain Project - Part 2

So, sorry for the lack of updates - I *have* been working on the table, but I've also been distracted by a leaking hot-tub that has to be fixed (the hot tub is elevated and imbedded in our deck - the deck has rotted out [who the frak uses untreated wood for supports in an arboreal rainforest zone?], and is to be replaced later this summer).

I've been working on the table in the garage (relegating my Santa Fe to the driveway to get regular doses of bird poop from the overhanging tree...). As of last night I had some really bad photographs of ~1/3 of the table complete. The layout is done, and about half the foam cutting is completed. I'm hoping to do some more this afternoon - and with the nice weather finally being here I can open the garage door for some light!
Casting rates are a bit of a limitation right now - I have one mould to build, and about 10 pieces to come out of another. Working with HydroStone has been a great experience. I'm liking the way it pours, sets up, and retains the details from the mould. Working with it post-hardening is also easy - it cuts and sands a lot better than resin (ie faster!) so fitting pieces is pretty easy. Besides, HydroStone is about 1/10th the cost of resin!

The Layout shots - this is the time you can make mistakes!

The first cuts and insertions - no time for mistakes now!

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