Thursday, April 30, 2009

All Quiet on the West[ern] Front (Coast)

Post AdeptiCon I have been busy with a number of things:
  • writing up the [bloody] BatReps!
  • rebuilding the army courtesy of United Airlines' "wasn't it fun to build the first time!" program
  • working on the first 1500 points of my Isengard force for War of the Ring
  • I've had to pull out of Astronomi-Con Vancouver - family scheduling commitments - which is a sad thing for me to do as it is one the of the highlights of the gaming calender north of the border.
  • I've also been interviewing for a new job - I've actually had FIVE interviews for the position! This started on the last day of AdeptiCon when the recruiting company flew me home. My last interview is in a couple of hours...
I'll get back to model making this weekend, and if I get the new job, I'll be buying myself a SWEET gift from Forgeworld!


  1. Would this *SWEET* gift be about a foot tall, walk on two legs, with a nice collection of different arms?

  2. I'll probably get the slightly shorter version... :) Reavers are so "passe" now!