Thursday, January 8, 2009

Victory in the City

Well after the farce of trying to put on the Cities of Death event for the gen-pop, Mighty Miniatures offered the event up to the members of A-Club. Last Friday night 8 of us battled it out in the City.
I took 1250 point of Space Wolves; the obligatory 6 Grey Hunters (blah!), 6 Wolf Scouts, a Venerable Dreadnought (TL-Las/ML), a Wolf Priest, 2 Land Speeders (HB/AC) and 3 units of Blood Claws.

Round 1 - High Ground (hold the tallest building). I drew Nick Daniels and his Ultramarines for this one. As I'd chosen Preliminary Bombardment and Tank traps I was able to a) corral his Razorbacks in his deployment zone, and b) stun a couple of them for the first turn. After that is was pretty straight forward; I took the tall building (intact!) on turn 2 with my GHs, the it was a matter of getting into HtH, weathering the heavy weapons and having my scouts lay the smack down on Telion and his scout unit!
Result - Space Wolves Victory!

Round 2 - "Take and Hold" (occupy buildings) vs. JP Silke and his Chaos Space Marine army. JP had a NASTY list with 2 Defilers, three units of Plague Marines, and small unit of CSM (all mounted in Rhinos) and a winged Daemon Prince. I goofed on my tanks traps and allowed a small space for him to deploy 2 of his rhinos... they dutifully drove up towards a building I was occupying, containing a BC unit with meltagun, and were popped and both units destroyed in HtH. I consolidated back into the building after each vehicle and unit was destroyed! In the end I held 2 buildings, JP 1 and one was contested.
Result - Space Wolves Victory!

Round 3 - Fire Sweep (plant flags in buildings) vs. Raj and his orks. Now, Raj has been playing for all of a week; he was gifted the orks from a few BBR box sets, so showed with 9 deffkoptas, about 80 boys and a unit of nobz in mega-armour. Ah, an ork on "ork" battle - lets face it Blood Claws are just better orks! Well Raj has some horrible DT rolls and I had some good luck with shooting his 'koptas down, making his nobs flee (I killed 2 with the preliminary bombardment), and destroying a few of his mobs with sweeping advances after winning combat. Knowing VERY little about the current orks I did not realize that he could Waaagh! (I thought you needed a special upgrade for that) - I think this would have made a huge difference in the game. In the end I lost 9 models and wiped him off the board (a first for me - sorry Raj!)., I held 3 of the 5 buildings, and Raj none.
Result - Space Wolves Victory!

So in the end I went 3-0, had the highest painting score and took Best Overall. Not that makes much difference for the Canadian Hall of Heroes, but I'm now sitting 37th... I doubt I'll make the GT!

Thanks to Nick, Thor and the A-Club guys for a fun evening.

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