Friday, February 13, 2009

slow, slow, slow...

Between battling my kids getting sick, my wife's crazy trial schedule and then me getting sick I've not made much tangible progress these past 2 weeks. The Penitent Engines are taking up SO much time it beggars belief. Thank goodness I've only got 4 of them - no bloody way I'll be doing more than that! Hopefully I will get the Engines and the Arbites finished this weekend.

My SoB paint scheme is going to need a rethink. Originally they were going to be in bone armour, but Eric has decided that he does not want to do his GKs in bone (I was using the SoB to tie in with his army, and the black Arbites to tie in with Rob's Deathwatch). I may go with a gun metal based scheme...

Edit - Eric tells me that the bone armour for his models is back on! He sent me a w.i.p. picture and I think they will be rather sharp - better than boring gun metal! We are still looking for out 4th team member. Trent had to drop out due to work commitments.

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