Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Mutants & Scum" Part 8

Whilst my weekend in Halifax was a blast (well the conference was dull [work], but the hotel was fun; we were in the same one as Team Canada so I got to chat with Shane Doan, Danny Heatley, said "hi" to Stevie-Y, Pat Burns, Eric Staal and Ken Hitchcock...) it was not conducive to getting my army finished.
I was hoping to have them completed by this weekend so I could get a practice run in at The Showroom's HoH event on Saturday. Oh well, guess I'll just take the army "cold" to the GT! Wouldn't be the first time...

The Ratlings are done.

Ugly little buggers! I kept the Green Jackets consistent as an homage to Sharpe's Rifles.

So the "Mutants" are done... just the "scum" to complete!

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